Syamel, a prominent figure in the Malaysian music industry, excels as both a singer and composer. His journey to fame began with ‘Aku Cinta’, a song of his own creation, which earned ‘Best Vocals’ at the 2018 Anugerah Juara Lagu. Known for his emotional depth and versatility, Syamel’s hits include ‘Hidup Dalam Mati’, ‘Lebih Sempurna’, ‘Maafkanlah’, and ‘Takkan Terlerai’. His duet ‘Goodbye Hello’ with wife Ernie Zakri earned ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Pop Song’ at AIM23. 

Syamel stands out in the contemporary music scene for his ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with innovative melodies, connecting deeply with audiences and securing his place as a young prince of modern Malaysian music.