SXPH is a rapper/producer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2008, he began his journey in the Malaysian music scene as a member of the rap group SSK, showcasing his creativity through releases like “BAK DATANG (The Rebel Scum), “ATFL” and “BAWAH 3000 feat. Faizal Tahir”. He also co-founded AMPG Worldwide; a rap music collective based in Ampang, Selangor.

With a plethora of talents at his fingertips, SXPH has produced for a diverse array of Malaysian and international artists. And in 2019, he stepped into the spotlight with his debut solo EP, the fittingly titled ‘Lumayan’ – a tantalizing taste of his boundless creative potential.

A true auteur, he flawlessly handles every aspect of the creative process, from producing and composing to arranging and engineering.

He will be releasing his self-produced 14 track album titled Nisbah Sinematik Resolusi Penuh in 2023.