Kenny, a Berlin and KL-based singer, songwriter, and mixing engineer, is making waves in the RnB scene with his innovative blend of old and new school influences. His journey began at 13 with his first song, “Towards the Light,” a heartfelt ballad. A multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, Kenny’s first commercial success was composing jingles for corporations like Microsoft and KPMG.

Kenny’s significant work with Ai.Z (Aizat Amdan) on the 2022 album “Everything in Between” marked a career highlight. He crafted and produced over half of the album, including a feature on “Don’t Need You,” reconnecting him with his Malaysian heritage.

He attributes his success to his artistic parents, who instilled in him a blend of empathy, soul, and talent. A career highlight was producing “Menanti” for Yuna, a childhood idol, for her Malay album. 

“Menanti”, highlighting Yuna’s captivating voice alongside Kenny’s skilled production, offers just a glimpse into the impactful sound that Kenny intends to bring to the global music scene.