Bao Chow

The Newest Dragon. Having only appeared on the scene earlier in 2021, BAO CHOW is off to a prolific start with tracks such as “Chow On This B**” & “Sorbet”.

Bao serves up bullet-riddled bars over melodic beats for stylish, yet raw anthems that are drawing the attention of more listeners across the world by the day.

Years before he picked up a mic, Bao was a precocious young musical talent, starting the piano at age five and violin at age six. Securing a scholarship to the highly prestigious Berklee College of Music for jazz sax, Bao Chow found the inspiration to push sonic boundaries with his melding of classical and jazz samples with modern synthesizers and hard-hitting 808’s, creating his own alchemy of hip-hop music.

As he continues to evolve and push his artistry even further, Bao’s ultimate goal is to leave a powerful and positive impact on his listeners.